Mexico’s Central Bank works with Amazon to develop payments with QR code

During March and April, the relevant tests are being carried out to launch the new CoDI system to the Mexican market in September of this year. The system will allow to send and receive payments for goods and services through a platform with the use of the fingerprint and a QR code.

Smart City Expo in Mexico expects representatives from more than 350 cities

The third version of Smart City Expo will be held in July 2019 in Mexico. About 350 cities want to be part of the event. They will offer tools for the avant-garde development and ecological preservation within smart cities.

Cuba expects a record number of tourists in 2019

Cuba will be a prominent tourist site throughout the world this year. This Caribbean country expects more than 5M tourists in 2019. The island has the second best beach in the world according to TripAdvisor. Also, they will organize the International Tourism Fair of Cuba (FitCuba 2019) in May. Cuban authorities are putting pressure on […]