Former CEO of Rappi Joins MedPass Board

Latin American tech biz leader and former CEO of Rappi Pontes joins MedPass Board, reflecting MedPass’s Fast Emergence & Substantial International Potential.

A competitive board of directors is a strategic advantage for Latin American tech startups that secures their development. However, picking the right people is not easy: most experienced leaders are fully booked, and sometimes, seasoned businesspeople don’t understand novelty. For that reason, the incorporation of former Rappi CEO Sérgio Saraiva Pontes to the board of MedPass Brazil is a signal of the fast emergence of this HealthTech company.

Pontes is recognized as a Latin American tech biz leader. He continues as an investor and partner at Rappi, the Latin American unicorn backed by such investors as Softbank and Sequoia. It operates today in nine countries and more than 200 cities.

Pontes’ career as Latin American Tech Leader

Pontes will serve as Chairman of the MedPass board’s Operations Committee, which is currently among the 10 most highly capitalized businesses within a universe of more than 800 startups in the Brazilian healthcare sector, according to Crunchbase. In his remarkable career, Pontes has founded and managed several startups and served Grupo Ambev Anheuser-Busch for 20 years. 

According to MedPass co-founder Michael Luzich, Pontes’ exceptional background give him the necessary experience to know how to provide leadership when tackling pivotal strategic business and operational issues.

MedPass in the health tech business

Pontes’ accession to the MedPass board represents another key milestone for the company’s development. At a time when fast, reliable health monitoring may be a matter of life or death, the MedPass platform is addressing a critical marketplace need.

MedPass uses data intelligence to promote predictive healthcare and offers an individualized counseling plan as well as appointment scheduling with access to individual medical histories by healthcare professionals.

A new and innovative initiative is the integration of its services as “embedded solutions” in digital communication with B2B2C customers, to support retention of, and motivation by, customers and service providers.

Such verticals as “My Doctor” and “My Psychologist” ensure the member always talks to the same doctor or psychologist, instead of being randomly directed to another healthcare professional like other companies. When contacting via chat or video, healthcare professionals have immediate access to the medical history and risk profile on their dashboards, saving precious time and focusing care on what the individual needs at that moment.

The Mental Health vertical and the recently launched women’s health vertical have grown significantly considering the current challenges of dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on social, family, and professional lives.

The global mHealth apps industry is projected to surge at a compound annual growth rate of 34.8% between 2021 and 2028.

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