8.8 Computer Security Conference signed a collaboration agreement with CSIRT, the computer security incident response team in Chile, a state entity belonging to the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, according to information provided by TrendTIC.

The government entity has the mission of strengthening and promoting good practices, policies, laws, regulations, protocols, and standards of cybersecurity in the country.

The agreement with the government allows the company to consolidate the main objective with which 8.8 was born a decade ago, which is to democratize access to technical knowledge related to cybersecurity.

Gabriel Bergel, CEO and co-founder of 8.8 Computer Security Conference pointed out that these are times to show that handling critical information on computer vulnerabilities, the protection capacity is greater. In that sense, 8.8 aligning themselves with the Ministry of the Interior is a contribution to improving the country’s Cybersecurity.

Ceremony for cybersecurity

The activity began with the welcoming words of the Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, who led this meeting from La Moneda together with the Director of the Computer Security Incident Response Team, CSIRT, Carlos Landeros, and the Head of the CSIRT Department, Katherina Canales.

“It is essential to have early warning systems to support cybersecurity tasks”, said Galli.

The agreement is so relevant for that reason. Galli highlighted that, since sharing the knowledge has no borders between the public and private world, the transit of threats and security incidents can occur in seconds.

Between the agreement, both entities will voluntarily exchange information related to computer security alerts, threats, and incidents, reports, or indicators of commitment that could prevent cyber risks and technological developments in the field of cybersecurity, cybersecurity reports, and others. equivalents.

It is also agreed to cooperate in the prevention, detection, response, and recovery of cybersecurity incidents to minimize the impact on services and operations or to recover critical infrastructure and essential services. In addition, the receipt – in accordance with international standards – in the sending of personal data outside of Chilean territory.

8.8 Computer Security Conference is a 100% technical and academic event, whose main objective is to share information, democratize knowledge, and create community. This year the conference is a decade old and has already confirmed the dates for this great event, which will take place on October 30 and 31, at the imposing Mapocho Station. Under the motto LEGENDS, this pioneering national hacking meeting will commemorate its first ten years of existence with a grid of 14 exhibitors where all have the distinction of being Cybersecurity legends, several of them for the first time in South America.

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