BluPoint offers Internet connectivity in the most inaccessible places

Currently, 3 billion people do not have an Internet connection. BluPoint offers an affordable solution to this problem.

In the world, 3 billion people still do not have an Internet connection of any kind, but more and more people have access to a cell phone. Professor Mike Santer of the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom investigated how mobile phones were used in sub-Saharan Africa, which led him to wonder how he could connect more people through these mobile devices.

This question led Mike Santer to found BluPoint Ltd, a startup that develops Internet solutions for places where connectivity is terrible, non-existent, or expensive.

For the students he interviewed, Mike noted that the Internet was necessary for his studies, due to the shortage of books and the remoteness of their libraries. With this in mind, he developed a platform that works with little energy, and that is scalable. BluPoint has global ambitions.

At present, BluePoint is present in African countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Uganda, as well as having a presence in India.

The BluPoint service also has potential in the less developed areas of Latin America and to be able to expand an Internet infrastructure that can reach the most remote places on the continent.

In previous months, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke of the importance of extending Internet service to more communities. In Mexico, seven out of ten people have Internet access, but only 20% of the country has a connection in the territory.

Companies like Facebook also are working on initiatives to take the Internet to more places in Latin America with the help of Satellite Internet.

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